What an AWESOME EXPERIENCE it is being part of the Big Fred Tribute Hunt!
This past year was my first ever BFT hunt and WOW is all I can say. It was truly an honor knowing that we were helping such a great cause all while honoring a great man. Just being in the presence of all the other hunters who are all genuine true American outdoorsman made me feel like a “real hunter”, which I am certainly not haha.
Overall it was an experience and a day that words cannot really describe, from the great friendship and business relationships that were created, to the great time we all had out in the fields, to the great dinner and entertainment that was provided to us after a long day flushing the birds out on the side of a rocky brush filled terrain. I will say I was sore for a day or so after but it was definitely worth it to be part of such a great event! I can’t wait for this upcoming year’s BFT Hunt!